Someone whose name I forget once said, "There are many ways to tell a story, but only one of them is the right way." Storyboarding was tricky for me because there were so many ways to interpret the same scene, and the story I initially had got pared down more and more until it became a very straightforward, very simple concept: a woman is travelling in a desert, she falls, she gets back up, and then she reaches her destination. There's still a place in my mind for the full blown, ten minute version of this story, but what I'm making here is sort of like the parable version of it.

What's interesting, though, is that there were several shots that I specifically knew I had to have, and they remained persistent throughout all the different storyboard iterations I made. The way the main title appears has always been basically the same, as well as the shots of the Traveller falling, getting back up, and finally climbing over a ledge to see the tree in the end.

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Finally, when I was set on the shots I wanted, I added color to them:

I also stole the idea of "color scripts" from Pixar: that is, a set of the different uses of color I'd use at key points in the story.

Finally, I took all my storyboard drawings and roughly animated them to get a sense of the camera action and pacing of the shots. Take a look at one of my later animatic versions here (note that the audio and music are all placeholders):

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